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Review: The Path by H.K. Savage

Title: The Path
Author: H.K. Savage
Source: Received from author in exchange for an honest review


Magick is real. And there is a secret world complete with its own agency, Veritas, to control those who would wield their power over “regulars”, or threaten the secrecy that keeps them all safe from the persecution that nearly destroyed them. For Cassie, a mixed blood witch, it’s the only world she’s ever known though she’s never embraced her role as agent for Veritas. For Drew, a witch born to a non-magickal family, it answers so many of his questions. It is also the cause of so much loss and pain. And now, as he and Cassie attempt to find his missing brother, rumored to be working with a rogue witch and cult leader, it threatens to take the last of his family. Or will
magick save it?


The Path is a Paranormal Romance by author H.K. Savage. This novel centers around Cassie, a mixed blood witch who struggles with her powers. Cassie is an agent for Veritas, an agency that polices witches. Because of the issues with her own powers, Cassie is on the verge of losing her job and letting down her family. She basically has one more chance to prove herself – which is a difficult case involving one of the most horrible witches the company has ever dealt with.

This is a great story involving witches, murder, mystery, and romance. Cassie is assigned to question Drew to see what his brother's connection is with the rogue witch, Terry Pritchard. It turns out, that Drew has some magick of his own that he is unaware of and Cassie ends up needing to protect him. With these two spending so much time together, it becomes hard for them to resist the attraction they feel for one another. This leads to some nice steamy moments – passionate but also PG-13 at the same time. For those of you who like a little steam without all the graphic details – this is for you!

This book is well written and also well edited. The story was mostly told from Cassie's point of view, but the viewpoint sometimes changed to other characters. On one hand, I liked it because it was nice to know what the other characters were thinking – but at the same time it was sort of distracting. Parts of the book were a little slow, but then I felt that the ending was a little rushed. I didn't feel completely satisfied with the ending – I just wanted to know more about what happened. I don't know if this is going to be part of a series or if this is a stand alone book. Overall, it was a good book and I would read more by this author.

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