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Review: Every Little Piece by Kate Ashton

 Title: Every Little Piece
Author: Kate Ashton
Source: Received from author in exchange for an honest review


Secrets never stay in the past.

The night before high school graduation changes everything. Lies are told. Mistakes are made. Secrets tucked away. Lives are changed in the span of a few hours.

A year later, Haley is still reeling, numb with the constant ache of guilt. She's in a place she never expected to be: lost without her friends and Seth. Until he enters her life again, dredging up everything she's trying to forget. Everything about that night.

Seth returns to his hometown determined to share his truth, his side of the story. He desperately needs to make things right with Haley, even if it means losing her forever. Because the truth will ruin any chance of her ever loving him again.

Except neither of them are prepared for the shock of what really happened the night before graduation.


Every Little Piece is an emotional book about love, lies, and moving on with life after a tragedy. The first part of the book deals with Haley's night before her high school graduation. Her life changes in the blink of an eye.

The book fast forwards to one year later. Haley has ran from life and turned her back on everyone she knows. The love of her life, Seth, does the same. Secrets and guilt tear them apart and make their lives miserable. I was pretty disappointed with Seth and his actions. The whole tone of the book is pretty sad and depressing. I'm torn on how I feel about this book. For much of the story, it was pretty slow moving. The slowness, mixed with the sad tone, made me not too excited to pick it back up to continue reading.

However, the story was very well written. The author did a great job of making you feel the character's emotions. I liked how it was written from both points of view. The ending was wrapped up nicely as well.

The story was lacking in the romance department for my taste. The two main characters were already dating when the story started so it's not a tale about two people meeting and falling in love. Also, with the lack of communication and secrets, they are apart much of the time. So, if you are looking for swoonworthy moments, you might want to look elsewhere. If a steamy romance isn't a big deal to you, then I suggest giving this book a try. 

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