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Review: Hate to Love You by Elise Alden

 Title: Hate to Love You
Author: Elise Alden
Source: Received through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review


Despite my slutty reputation, I was technically a virgin at eighteen. But it turns out all those sex-ed teachers aren’t just trying to scare you. The faint positive on a budget pregnancy test sent me spinning, moments before meeting my sister’s snooty new fiancé.

Shaking hands with upper-crusty James was like downing a triple shot of vodka. Dizzy with desire, confused by my body’s reaction, and shocked by the possessiveness flashing in his eyes, I deceived him that night and told the world at their wedding reception.

The truth?
I slept with my sister’s fiancé. Hot and sweaty, all night long in a room so dark he couldn’t tell I wasn’t her.

The lie?
Said fiancé is the father of my child. The one I signed over my rights to just before he was born.

That was seven years ago.

It’s time to come clean.


Hate to Love You is a New Adult romance by Elise Alden. The storyline is a little on the crazy side. The main character is Paisley – an 18 year old young woman. She is a troubled girl who makes awful decisions. She's just a teenager, but she is already a druggie and an alcoholic. At the beginning of the book, she finds out that she's pregnant – though technically a virgin. Shortly after taking a pregnancy test, she meets her sister Caroline's fiance and is instantly attracted to him.

In her sister's dark bedroom, Paisley tricks James into thinking that she is Caroline. They have a steamy night full of amazing sex. These are actually some of the best sex scenes I've read – too bad James thought he was making love to someone else... James doesn't actually find out that Paisley was the one he made love to – until his wedding reception. A drunken Paisley gets on the microphone, in an angry rage to get back at her b*tch of a sister, and announces to everyone – in great detail – that she and James had sex. Then she lies and tells everyone that she is pregnant with his baby.

Paisley was a hard character to like in the first half of the book. She did have a bad home life though, and her sister and parents treated her horribly. However, Paisley ends up redeeming herself. The second half of the book switches to present day (the first half of the book happened 7 years prior). For 7 years Paisley pays for her actions by not being able to see her son. She hasn't seen James or any of her family during this time. She winds up back in James' life when she takes a job at his office, and he isn't too happy about it.

Paisley has changed a lot, but she is still crude and rough around the edges. Her and James couldn't be more different. James is a bossy, snobbish, British lawyer – but he was still attracted to Paisley. Their differences made their relationship that much more interesting. Amidst all the complicated drama that goes on in this book, there is still a good love story there. There is a lot that needs to be forgiven and it takes time for wounds to heal. I wish Paisley and James would have had more together time in this book.

The really weird thing that I just have to mention, is the fact that Paisley and James can read minds – including each others. So, they can have conversations with each other through their minds. Nobody else has this ability (besides the little boy), and this isn't explained at all in the book. For the most part though, this is a pretty good book – it just has some unrealistic areas in the plot. I think I'm going to rate this book a 3/5. There were parts that I didn't like, or understand, but there were parts that I enjoyed as well. 

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