Thursday, October 20, 2011

Author Spotlight and Giveaway with Tatiana Vila!

Author Spotlight is a new series that I'm doing to help promote authors. There are so many great authors out there that need more exposure, and there are always readers looking for a new author to try out. This is just a small thing I can do to help others out!

My first Author Spotlight is with Tatiana Vila. Her newest book, Break Away, was just released on October 10th. I'm currently reading it, and really wanted to have my review done to coincide with this post, but it will be coming in a day or two. Until then, I have an interview with Tatiana for you to read - and she is giving away an ebook of Break Away!


When did you begin writing?

I began writing books about three years ago, but I've been writing poems and songs since high school. So as you can see, writing in one way or another has always been an important aspect in my life. It's like therapy. It helps you deal with emotions :)

What would your ideal career be, if you couldn't be an author?

I would love to be an actress or a singer. I know, so cliché, right? But back to real aspirations, I've always dreamed of being a film director. I'm really passionate about movies and all that involves the creation of the movie itself. It's so interesting and creative. But designing book covers has to be my ideal career choice besides writing. I absolutely love doing covers. It's just another way of putting your creative juices to work.

What do you do in your spare time?

I read. A lot. But if I'm not with my Nook or a book between my hands, you can find me composing songs (if you like Kelly Clarkson you might like mine), watching movies, practicing Poi (imagine someone doing fire spinning but with LED lights. Watching this it's really an out-of-this world experience. Practice though, not so much. Expect a lot of bruises) and scaring people. Yep, you heard right, scaring people. Have you seen people's faces and reactions when you do this? Really, it's just too funny.

Which of your characters is your favorite?

In The Ylem (my first book), my favorite character is Caleb. He tugs at my heart strings. I definitely have a weakness for him. In Break Away though, Comus has to be my favorite one. He's so eccentric and funny! I love writing about him. I always have a smile on my face when I do it.

What is your biggest challenge of being an author?

Having tough skin. When you write a book and put it out there for the world to see, you know you'll have bad reviews coming your way. It's just unavoidable. And you think you're ready, you even build a Spartan armor around you for this, but once they come, the blow is always painful and you realize your armor is not as strong as you thought it was. But it's part of being an author, and I'm lucky to say that I have more good reviews that I have bad, so I can't really complain. But like I said, it's always hard to take in.

Do you write series, or do you prefer stand-alone books?

Both actually. Right now I'm only working with a trilogy and a series, but I have the outlines of two stand-alone books ready to be written, and boy, I'm dying to write those. I just wish I had four hands instead two!

How many books have you written?

Two. The first one is The Ylem, which is part of a trilogy named the same, and Break Away, the first book in my new Away series.

What are some of your favorite movies/tv shows?

As for TV shows, I love the Food Network. So if for some miracle I happen to be watching TV, I can be found watching Cupcake Wars, Chopped and Iron Chef. Oh, Hell's kitchen, Project Runway, The Voice and America's Next Top Model, too. I guess I do watch TV, huh?
Regarding my favorite movies, I honestly can't think because there are so so many! So I'll be boring and tell you I really don't know.

Who is your favorite author?

Oh no. This is way too hard. There are so many, but I'm pretty contemporary. J.K.Rowling, Paulo Coelho, Richelle Mead, Masaru Emoto, Rachel Caine, Cassandra Clare, Karen Marie Moning, Chloe Neill--just to name a few.

What are you currently working on?

I'm working on Alluvion, the second book in The Ylem trilogy. I'm so excited about this one! So many things happen in here. It's really a rollercoaster of emotions!

About the author:

When not writing, glued to my husband, Mr. Keyboard, or reading books into oblivion, I can be found watching tacky reality shows, singing in the shower, eating way too many Wonka candies, and fantasizing about my next book (and boy, are there plenty of those!) My motto: let the mind run wild.

Find Tatiana at her blog here:

Ice Queen. That's what everyone calls Dafne at school. The girl with the striking looks of a Raven Princess but whose cold-steeled touch freezes everyone in her way. Her reputation works for her and she even likes it. People don't mess with her—except for her sister's infuriatingly handsome boyfriend, Ian, who loves pushing her subzero temper to its limits.

Life in Berryford is flowing exactly as she wants it—no drama, no boy trying to get into her pants—until she starts noticing odd, glazed-eyed students everywhere. Something weird is happening and, unusual enough for her, she needs to find out why. But when people start falling into a coma with no reason, among them Dafne's sister, she decides to take the matter in her hands, because if her intuition is right, this isn't something doctors or virologists can fight. This is something…more.

With frustration and guilt leading her way, and Ian forcing himself to her side, Dafne will step onto a road that'll open her eyes to why ignorance is bliss, why hate is so close to love, and why our imagination might be the most dangerous weapon ever known.

Available at the following places (for only 99 cents):

Giveaway! Want to read Break Away? Tatiana is giving away an ecopy of Break Away to one lucky reader. To enter the giveaway, comment on this post with your email address so we can get in touch with you if you win. Contest open through October 27th!


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