Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Blog Tour De Force - including a giveaway!!

Have you heard of Blog Tour De Force? During October 17th - 22nd, twelve authors battle it out to see who gets the most blog comments. Each author will have sponsors to help promote them, and I am sponsoring author Belinda Boring. Each person that comments on my blog, Belinda's blog, and/or the blogs of other sponsors will receive Belinda's ebook Cherished. Yep, you read that right - EACH person wins! Read my review HERE. Am I making any sense at all? Because I'm posting this really late and my Unisom has already kicked in. I'm feeling woozy and already have myself confused. You'll be even more confused once you find out that all the authors are masquerading as each other, and you get to try and guess who everyone is...

To make things MORE exciting - over on Belinda's blog, you can enter to win an awesome gift basket filled with goodies:

Want MORE excitement? Every comment on any of our blogs during this whole tour will be entered into a drawing for a Kindle! Whew - I better stop with all this excitement before I pee my pants. I could really use a Kindle. I wonder if I qualify... Well, anyway - check out the website for Blog Tour De Force to find what all authors are participating. You can get 12 ebooks for free!!!

For a moment, Darcy almost convinced herself the last twelve hours didn’t happen. As image after image hits her, the sinking realization of all she’s lost overwhelms her and all she can think of is to run. Run far away where her shame can’t find her, and most of all, where she’ll never have to see the look of blame in Mason’s eyes. Feeling like a complete failure, she scrambles to make plans. But the voice of her mate-to-be penetrates her frantic thoughts, asking for the chance to show her just how much she is loved.

It hurts Mason deeply to hear Darcy’s thoughts, knowing the events of the previous night have completely rattled her. Grieving over the death of his beloved sister Jasmine, Mason knows he has to act fast. Darcy is all he’s ever wanted and the idea of life without her is unacceptable. Armed with his unswerving love and wolfish charm, he sets out to remind Darcy just how valuable she is and why there is no one else for him but her.

Can Darcy let go of the shame of failure consuming her or will Mason convince her that after all is said and done, she truly is… Cherished?

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About the author:

A homesick Aussie living amongst the cactus and mountains of Arizona, Belinda Boring is a self proclaimed addict of romance and all things swoon worthy. When she's not devouring her latest read, you can find her celebrating her passion for books on her blog The Bookish Snob.

With all that excitement, it wasn’t long before she began writing, pouring her imagination and creativity into the stories she dreams. Whether urban fantasy, paranormal romance or romance in general, Belinda strives to share great plots with heart and characters that you can’t help but connect with. Of course, she wouldn’t be Belinda without adding heroes she hopes will curl your toes.

Surrounded by a supportive cast of family, friends and the man she gives her heart and soul to, Belinda is living the good life. Happy reading!


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  2. I love the story of Cherished and the cover is very beautiful!
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  9. Well thank you for joining the masquerade. It is great fun and your Unisom did not affect this wonderful post. I look forward to reading Cherished and appreciate the opportunity to have this fun time and get a book to-boot!


  10. I've not read a good romance book in ages. This sounds great. I'm headed down to B&N today for my weekly book trip so I will see if they have a copy.

  11. Ive been hearing a lot of good things about Cherished. Thank you!

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  13. Awesome review and synopsis. Looking forward to reading.