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Review: Redemption by Susannah Sandlin

Title: Redemption (Penton Legacy #1)
Author: Susannah Sandlin

For vampire Aidan Murphy, life has never been so desperate. The vaccine used to treat a global pandemic has rendered human blood deadly to his kind, leaving them on the brink of starvation and civil war. In tiny Penton, Alabama, Aidan establishes a peaceful community of vampires and unvaccinated human donors. He dares to hope they can survive ? until his estranged brother descends upon Penton and begins killing the humans. Determined to save his town, Aidan kidnaps an unsuspecting human doctor?and finds himself falling in love for the first time in nearly four centuries. Dr. Krystal Harris thought she was coming to Penton for a job interview, but Aidan Murphy has other plans. Infuriated by his high-handed scheme to imprison her in the small town, Krys can't ignore the attraction between them. But is it love? Or does her dangerous, charismatic captor want only to bend her to his will?



Redemption is the first book in the Penton Legacy series by Susannah Sandlin. This book has an interesting plot where humans have received a vaccination that makes their blood deadly to vampires. The hero in the story, Aidan, has established a peaceful town of vampires and unvaccinated humans. They go to great lengths to find humans who are not vaccinated to live in their town and feed the vampires, and in return live a good life. Desperately needing to find a doctor to live in their community, Aidan kidnaps Krystal – a doctor who thought she was coming to town for an interview. She never imagined she would be held there against her will.

The world building in this book is great – Penton is unlike any community I've read about. They have a great little town they live in and the vampire/donor thing works well for all of them. The characters were great as well. There were many of them though and I found myself getting them mixed up a couple times. There were a couple of background characters that I was interested in, Mirren being one of them. He's a mysterious guy with some deep baggage and I'm happy to see that the next book features him. I also hope that Will gets a book of his own.

The romance between Aidan and Krys was done really well. Of course, she is furious at being kidnapped. She discovers that Aidan isn't a bad guy though, and did what he did to save the people in the community. Their relationship slowly builds and explodes. It's very intense, sweet, sexy, etc...

Aside from the romance, there are quite a bit of action scenes with Aidan's murderous brother Owen coming to town. There was some shifting in points of view which I liked, except the scenes from Owen's point of view. If you like paranormal romance, I don't think you will be disappointed in this. Now off to read book #2!

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