Friday, January 11, 2013

Review: Blood Betrayal by Alison Beightol

 Title: Blood Betrayal
Author: Alison Beightol
Source: Received through blog tour in exchange for an honest review


Being the world’s oldest vampire was easy for Eamon Rutherford before he decided to take a companion. Now he finds that the avalanche of problems complicating his life stems from women… his women.

In the past, women were a beautiful meal and a one-night stand for vampire Eamon Rutherford but now he wants a companion. His less than perfect choice is temperamental ballerina Lauryl Mellis. When she escapes from him in London, Eamon discovers that to find a new love he must first love someone other than himself but even if he can do that it might be short lived if Lauryl has her way.


Blood Betrayal is the first book in a new series by Alison Beightol. It's about a lonely man named Eamon, who is the world's oldest vampire. For hundreds of years, he has been alone and now has the urge to find a companion. He becomes obsessed with a ballerina named Lauryl, who wants nothing to do with him.

This book went in a direction I wasn't expecting. I won't say any more on that part because I don't want to ruin things for anyone. I was just surprised. For the first half of the book, I didn't like Eamon. He grew on me during the second half though, as he went through some inner changes after being betrayed. I did not like Lauryl at all throughout the entire book. I have no idea what Eamon saw in her. Since I wasn't a big fan of the characters, it was a little hard for me to connect with the book. The first half of the book I thought seemed a bit slow and would rate it at a 3. I liked the second half more and would rate it at a 4... so I'm giving this book 3.5 stars.

This is an adult paranormal romance book with some very steamy scenes! This book is getting a lot of wonderful reviews. It's not the typical, predictable vampire book. I think many readers will really enjoy this and I recommend it to adult vampire lovers. 

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