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Review: Night Visions by Elena Gray

 Title: Night Visions
Author: Elena Gray
Source: Received from author in exchange for an honest review


Plagued by visions and voices, Samantha Cade must be losing her mind. Until she realizes there's a hidden, urgent message wanting to be revealed. Just how, she'll have to figure out.

When Ian Behr reappears in her life after six long years without so much as a goodbye, dormant longing awakens. To survive this turmoil, she'll need to guard her heart.

Will Ian be her doom...or her salvation?


Night Visions by Elena Gray is a really good paranormal romance story. It's about a woman named Samantha (Sam), who hears voices in her head and has bad dreams on a nightly basis. She thinks that maybe she is going crazy, but then realizes that her visions and dreams are premonitions.

This book definitely has a spooky vibe to it – especially the first half when you didn't really know what was going on. Probably not the best book for me to read late at night, while the wind was howling through the windows. Sam kept feeling like she was being watched, and I would have to go close my blinds. My mind tends to go into overdrive sometimes.

Things get interesting when Ian comes back into Sam's life. He was her best friend and the boy she fell in love with. He had suddenly left town, and Sam didn't hear anything from him for six long years. Naturally, Sam is furious with him. He tells her that it's important that she comes with him, but he won't tell her why – just that it has something to do with her brother.

While on their journey, there is a lot of sexual tension between Ian and Sam. She feels betrayed by him, but can't help herself from falling for him all over again. Ian is a great guy, and did what he did in order to protect Sam. Ian and Sam are two strong and interesting characters. Ian is keeping many secrets, which come out slowly throughout the book. Sam learns that everyone in her life has kept secrets from her, so you can't help but sympathize with her.

This book has a lot of action, mystery and suspense to go along with the romance. It has a lot going on that will keep you turning the pages. It sounds like this is the beginning of a series. In the afterword, the author mentions that the next book with feature Eve and Trent – 2 people that are supporting characters in this book. 

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