Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday the 13th

Jeez, what a day. First of all, my last blog post had completely disappeared. As of tonight, it has magically reappeared. Hopefully it stays. Then, apparently those who are subscribed to my blog via email have been getting updates of some of my old blog posts. Also, my computer hasn't been working all day today. It kept locking up and wouldn't let me do a thing (luckily my husband has a laptop I used to check messages and stuff like that). Just a little while ago, my husband uninstalled my anti-virus program, and now my computer works again. Of course, it's a little scary not having my computer protected. Hmm...maybe I should go back up my computer now... Oh, and one last thing. Since I wasn't able to do anything on my computer today, I made a 45 mile drive to St. Joe. I needed to go there anyway to get some special paper for wedding invitations that I'm making for my aunt. I got to the store, and the scrapbooking aisle distracted me. Apparently, I was majorly distracted because I bought scrapbooking paper but not the paper for the invitations - and I didn't realize it until I got back home. Ok, I'm done venting now. I think I will go get myself lost in a good steamy book :)


  1. I ended up reading more with Blogger down, so in a way it was good!

    My keeper shelf

  2. Blogger was having major issues but it is back in full...I was having the same will be a better day...and sometimes venting is a good thing.