Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Quickie contest!!!

UPDATE: The winner of Fierce Dawn now has the choice between the Kindle version or a signed pdf version! Woohoo - thanks Amber!!

This contest is for Kindle users! I don't have a Kindle, but I want to support some of the great authors out there. Amber Scott is having a .99 cent sale on her ebook Fierce Dawn, today only, to try to become best seller for the day (see details HERE). Some of her friends are supporting her by offering their books for .99 cents as well today, with a 100% discount if you buy Fierce Dawn. I will close this contest tonight, around 11pm or so, so I can have time to buy these before midnight and gift them to you.

Here are the ebooks up for grabs:Fierce Dawn by Amber Scott
Snarling teeth, glowing eyes. Someone--something--is after her.

The man who haunts her dreams enters her reality, claiming she's transforming into a changeling--not quite immortal but no longer human.

Battlelines are drawn and blood spills as the two fight not only for her life, but for mankind's as well.

Stolen Dreams by Stacey Kennedy
Tess Jennings has the ability to see and talk to spirits. On a daily basis, they harass and annoy her to save their souls. Sometimes she helps, other times she ignores them, but one ghost will give her no choice. Kipp McGowan, a cop with the Memphis Police Department, uses his ghostly charms to gain her attention and forces her to expose herself to his partner.

As she’s pulled into the five year old cold case of Hannah Reid she wants no part of, she finds herself in more than one precarious situation. But that’s the least of her worries―Tess begins to have a serious problem on her hands. Kipp might be dead, but he’s drop-dead gorgeous and she’s beginning to forget that he’s a ghost.

Murder and corruption has brought Tess and Kipp together. But as her feelings for Kipp deepen, she suspects she just signed herself up for a one-way ticket to the nut house, and can only hope, straitjackets come in a size four.

Cattitude by Edie Ramer
It's all in the Cattitude...After Belle the cat switches bodies with a psychic on the run from a murderer, she wants her perfect cat body back instead of this furless human one. But she doesn't count on falling in love with her former owner. Or that a CEO and a beauty queen want to use up her nine lives. Now is her chance to prove anything a human can do, a cat can do better.

Fated by Carolyn McCray
Torn apart by History
Bound for Eternity

A historical paranormal romance with sweeping consequences, “Fated” is sure to thrill.

Set in ancient Rome, you will find yourself immersed in the culture, drawn to the intrigue and yearning for the romance.

How do you enter?
All you have to do is leave a comment here telling me which book(s) you would like to win. I will choose one winner for each book. Remember, these are Kindle ebooks. Be sure to leave your email address with your comment!


  1. Hey,
    what a great idea, there are just so many amazing Authors out there.
    I'd love to read Fierce Dawn looks and sounds great. :)
    Thanks for the quickie contest. :)


  2. Thanks for the quickie contest! I have and loved all the others except for Fierce Dawn, would love to read it, sounds amazing

  3. I really think STOLEN DREAMS looks really good.
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  4. I would like stolen dreams or fated

  5. This the exact reason I got a Kindle -- so I don't miss out on any great books that aren't in print! You really should get one! :-) I'd love to win "Fierce Dawn".


  6. I actually already purchased Fierce Dawn this morning b/c it looks so good. But I would love to have Fated.

  7. Thanks for the fab contest!

    I'd love to win Catitude or Stolen Dreams!

    judimello AT gmail DOT com

  8. Thanks for the giveaway. Fierce Dawn sounds interesting!
    nickijmarkus AT y7mail DOT com

  9. They all sound great. But I would choose Fierce Dawn or Fated to read first.

    bacchus76 at myself dot com

  10. Sounds awesome! I'm totally oogling Stolen Dreams, Fierce Dawn and Fated. I'm not a kindle user so I can only read .pdf and .epub files.
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway.


  11. I'd like to read Fierce Dawn the most! Thanks for the giveaway :)


  12. Thanks for the contest, I would love to read Fated.