Thursday, May 12, 2011

Review: Blood & Spirits


Small-town life can be hard for a dead girl...

For Veronica Fischer the night to night life of a bloodsucking madam in Middle America is tough enough before she adopts Rachel Gregory, an eight year old ghost.

After her house is set on fire, and Rachel disappears, all signs point to foul play. When she finds herself with a hit out on her unlife, and warrants for her arrest, it becomes clear she's going to need help.

Now she has to contend with horny zombies, violent spirits, and murderous grave robbers if she's ever going to find Rachel and discover the awful truth of the coming storm.

A raucous ride through the dangerous lives of the lecherous undead.


First of all, I have to say I'm surprised that a male author wrote this book from a woman's point of view, and did it well! Veronica, the lead in this story, is a vampire who runs a brothel. She is a strong, likeable character that gets herself into a lot of trouble. She basically adopts an 8 year old ghost named Rachel, whom she becomes really close to. When Rachel is taken, Veronica is determined to get to the bottom of it. Veronica is desperate and willing to do anything for answers, which include some cringe-worthy moments. Veronica is a very well written character, and you can feel the emotions she goes through in this book.

Garrett enters the story and tries to help Veronica get things sorted out. He seems like the perfect guy for her, but I feel like he's hiding something. Actually, my favorite character is Frank. Apparently, he is gay but I couldn't help but want to see him and Veronica together. He does so much for her and I feel that he is in love with her, but I may not be reading into that quite right.

The explanation of vampires in this book is different from other books. This is a very original, fast paced story. There is action all the way through. If you like zombies, vampires, and spirits - with a little bit of gore, then you will probably enjoy this book. The only thing that I wanted more of is romance. Of course, that's just a personal preference - I'm a sucker for romance. The sex scene in this story is probably the most disturbing one I've ever read, lol... Now that I've piqued your interest - go get this book and see what I mean!

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