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Blood and Moonlight Blog Tour!!!

Welcome to the Blood and Moonlight blog tour! Today I have the pleasure of hosting author Moira Ketith on my blog. Read for more information on the book, and interview with the author, and a giveaway!

Title: Blood and Moonlight (Moonlight Trilogy #1)
Author: Moira Keith
Though she shares the bloodlines of both Fae and Wolf, Kiara Morrigan O’Conaill refuses to claim her place in the Fae courts or submit to the animal within. Witnessing the murder of her Fae mother two years ago drives her back into those worlds, to search for answers and revenge.

Devlin McClure lives for one thing—the Pack. When their leader, the Cadeyrn, disappears, desperation sends Devlin to the last person he should be asking for help—the Cadeyrn’s estranged daughter, Kiara.

Kiara and Devlin are drawn to each other by fate and destined to embrace the very thing that threatens to rip their worlds apart. Now, Kiara will have to decide which is stronger, blood or moonlight?
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 Author Interview

Where are you from?
I was born in San Antonio, Texas but I've lived in Las Vegas most of my life.

What inspired you to become a writer?
Many people influenced or inspired my decision to become a writer. In the writing realm I was inspired by authors like Vicki Pettersson, Laurell K Hamilton, and Kelly Armstrong. In my personal life I had many people who inspired or supported me in the pursuit of my dream, but the two that top the list have to be my grandmother and my mother.

What is your biggest challenge of being an author?
Finding the time to actually sit down and get through a manuscript in a timely manner without letting the temptations of other story projects interfere. Its very easy to allow yourself to be tempted by a new idea before you've finished with the current one. I often have to lock up the muse to get her refocused on the current project. It takes a while sometimes, but she usually comes around.

What do you love most about being an author?
The chance to share my stories with a greater audience than just my friends and family. To see them enjoyed by others.

Do you design your own book covers?
No. While I love the creative aspect of cover design, I leave my covers in the hands of people far more experienced than myself. I figure in the long run, it is the safest bet (and in Vegas sometimes it pays to go with the safe bet).

What is a book that you're dying to read?
My to be read pile is quite large, but there are actually two on my list right now that I can't seem to get to fast enough. This is Not a Test by Courtney Summers and The Edinburgh Dead by Brian Ruckley

What are some of your favorite movies/tv shows?
Favorite movies are most definitely the Resident Evil series. I could watch those over and over again and still enjoy them. Alice is such a killer heroine. Love her. I don't have cable or even get local channels, so TV shows are a bit hit or miss. That being said, I managed to get addicted early on to TV shows are Dexter and the Walking Dead.

What do you do in your spare time?
Play with the lil zombies (aka my twin sons) or hang out with friends. Sometimes they are the best source of inspiration for stories.

What are you currently working on?
Currently I have two projects in the works. I'm working on the second book in my Moonlight Trilogy and I'm working on a reaper story for NaNo.

Do you have any advice for other writers?
No matter which avenue you decide is best for your story, always take pride in your work and treat it as though every book was being published by your dream publisher. Be patient, be receptive to feedback and criticism, don't cut corners if you self-publish, and always be true to who you are as a writer.
 About the author:
Moira Keith has a penchant for men in kilts, is a lover of shoes, Celtic mythology, connoisseur of Guinness, baker of cupcakes and overall complete mess! As an author of paranormal, urban fantasy and contemporary romance, Moira writes stories that are often filled with the magic of love and the mayhem that ensues, threatening to keep her couples apart.
Currently, Moira resides in Las Vegas with her twin zombie sons, their beta fish, and a turtle. 

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