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Review: Veer by Alyssa Rose Ivy

 Title: Veer (Clayton Falls #2)
Author: Alyssa Rose Ivy
Source: Received through blog tour in exchange for an honest opinion


Only when you let go can you learn to live.

Between the death of her mother and pushing through law school without her best friend, it's been a tough year for Becca. Needing a break from Boston, she moves to a tiny coastal North Carolina town for a relaxing summer. After bumping heads repeatedly with a local cop, she realizes her summer will be anything but quiet.

Three years after a career ending injury ruins his chance to play Major League Baseball, Gavin has a distrust of northerners and lately girls in general. He wants nothing to do with a girl who is only in town for the summer.

When the two give in to their impossible attraction, they realize that they may just have found the key to freeing themselves from the ghosts of their pasts.



Veer is the second book in the Clayton Falls series by Alyssa Rose Ivy. I was a little reluctant to read it at first when I found out it was about Gavin. I didn't really like him that much in the first book. This book made you see him in a new light though, and I really enjoyed this story.

The story starts off with Becca coming to Clayton Falls to visit her friend Molly. She is dealing with her mom's death and the stress of law school. She needs a break so she stays in Clayton Falls for the summer. She meets Gavin, and they don't exactly hit it off. Their relationship builds slowly and there were a lot of emotions involved. Gavin had his jerk moments, but he more than made up for them. He redeems himself with surprisingly romantic gestures. They are good for each other – she has a lot of fears because of her past, and he is a police officer and makes her feel safe.

I liked the alternating point of view. I always like to see what's going on in the guy's head. The first book didn't have that, so I was pleasantly surprised with this one. The book was smoothly written, and quick & easy to read. There were some parts that seemed a little slow to me, but I still really enjoyed it. Just like the first book, there is sex but it is more implied than described.

One character I'm really interested in is Jake. He was a huge jerk in the first book, but I came to like him in this one. I'm excited to see that he gets his own story in the next book. The ending is sweet and romantic, and ends the book nicely. I think that anyone who likes sweet contemporary romances will really enjoy this series.

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