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Review: Try With Me by Elyssa Patrick

 Title: Try With Me (With Me #3)
Author: Elyssa Patrick
Source: Received from author in exchange for an honest review


There is nothing happily ever after about my life. My mom is dying of breast cancer. I work four jobs just to keep us going.

What I don't need to deal with?

Jamie McAlister.

Yeah. Him. Blond, tall, gorgeous. I had a crush on him throughout high school, but he never knew I existed. I don’t even think he knows my name. I was too shy to say a word to him. It seems that everywhere I go, he’s there. And now? He’s kissed me—a lot. And those hot kisses have led to even hotter nights.

I’m falling for him, head over heels. But I don't know how to fit Jamie into my life. I only know I need him. Which means I have to try for something I never thought was possible. I have to fight for him and a forever kind of love.

New Adult/Contemporary Romance with a HEA - Recommended for ages 17 and older.


Try With Me is the third book in the With Me series by Elyssa Patrick. I love this series, and this book was amazing. I love all the characters in this series. I love how each book focuses on a different person, but all the characters show up in all the books. The hero in this story is Jamie. He's the good looking, laid-back funny guy that has brought a lot of humor to this series. There's more to Jamie than what you see on the surface though.

This book is told from the point of view of Zelda – a young woman who has had a crush on Jamie since high school. She was never part of the cool crowd though, like Jamie, and never thought that he even knew her name. She couldn't have been more wrong.

First of all, I have to say that Zelda's name drove me nuts. Other than that, the book was awesome! I stayed up until 4:30 reading because I couldn't put the book down. Zelda reminded me so much of myself. No friends. No self-confidence. But she has such a horrible life. She has no family other than her mom, who is dying of cancer. Zelda is working 4 jobs and living in a run down apartment to take care of her mom. She finds out that her mom, the only person she has in life, only has 6 weeks left to live. And then Zelda's junker of a car dies, and she doesn't have the money to fix it. Everything that could go wrong does go wrong.

Jamie comes into her life though, and reminds her that she doesn't have to carry this burden alone. Zelda is so inexperienced, so I was surprised that her and Jamie moved so quickly with their relationship. The love scenes were hot. But it wasn't all about sex. I don't like books where the characters have sex without caring about each other. And I normally like more time and sexual tension before the characters jump into bed together. This book worked though.

This book also made me cry. That doesn't happen very often. Parts of this book were so very sad. And Zelda's character made me mad a time or two during her grieving process – the way she treated people... But I had to remind myself that I've never been in her shoes and everyone handles grief differently. I want to add though, that this book DOES have a happy ending. I don't read books without happy endings. Well, I try not to anyway. I hate it when books make me sad, but I knew a happy ending was coming so I was able to get though it.

The author really made me feel the emotions in the book, and that is one of the reasons why Elyssa Patrick is one of my favorite authors. This book was amazing and definitely deserves 5 stars. I am so excited for Griff's book. And I really hope that Griff's brother Jack gets his own book. I loved how Jamie is just so sure that Jack is a secret agent, and Jack's quiet, brooding demeanor and irritation with Jamie was just hilarious.

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