Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Review: Out in Blue by Sarah Gilman

Title: Out in Blue (Return to Sanctuary#1)
Author: Sarah Gilman
Source: Provided by author in exchange for an honest review (through a blog tour)


In a violent world where fallen archangels are hunted for their valuable plumage, Wren knows one thing for certain: the human woman who saved him from a poacher attack will die if she stays with him. The demon responsible for his parents’ gruesome deaths two decades ago pines for the chance to rip apart any woman who stands under Wren’s wing.

Wren doesn’t expect Ginger to stay by his side once she discovers his ability to drain life with a mere touch, yet she lingers. When an unusual talent of her own reveals the location of Wren’s father, Wren’s isolated world implodes. With the help of the demon protectors he’s sworn never to trust again, Wren risks everything to rescue his father, confront the demon who stalks his and Ginger’s every step, and claim his eternity with the most courageous woman he’s ever known.


Out in Blue is a beautiful love story about a young woman falling in love with an archangel. Having been raised by a demon that she loves like a father, Ginger is unable to “fit in” with the human world she tries to live in after becoming an adult. When she hears that an archangel is in danger, she feels compelled to help. Many poachers are after archangels to get rich off of their feathers. Ginger grew up in a world where demons guard archangels to keep this from happening, so it's natural instinct for her to want to help.

After Ginger saves Wren's life, she takes him somewhere safe where she can tend to him and keep him protected. Wren is an archangel that has been living on his own for several years, because a demon betrayed his family and killed his parents. He hasn't been able to trust anyone since. He hasn't been around anyone for a very long time, but feels oddly comfortable with Ginger.

This is definitely an original story. How many times have you read about demons protecting angels? I thought it was wonderfully written and you could feel the various emotions all the way through – from various characters, not just the main character. These characters are wonderful, they are deep and have stories you want to know more about. Ginger and Wren have amazing chemistry. There are all these swoon-worthy and heart-melting moments. The relationship between Ginger and Wren happens quite quickly, but it just seems right. There are a couple of love-making scenes but they are beautifully and tastefully done. I would still recommend this book to young adult readers as well as adult readers. It looks like this is book #1 in a series, so I will be anxiously awaiting the next!


  1. this is as scary as it is original.... now following this blog, and will look out for this book

  2. This book sounds wonderful! I MUST read it. Thanks for the fab review.
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    _yay_ via #BookthatThing

  3. Awesome, five star review? Looking forward to reading this!! Lucy