Sunday, August 14, 2011

Review: The Vampire's Curse by S.J. Wright

Title: The Vampire's Curse
Author: S.J. Wright
Source: received for review through blog tour


Still reeling from having witnessed the vampire battle on her property that left her friend Alex a vampire himself, Sarah Wood is surprised yet again. This time, it's by a familiar face from the past.

Sarah's guilt pushes her into doing something unbelievable. Sarah's ex-boyfriend, Trevor, causes some trouble that will have lasting effects. Michael finds himself in the unusual position of saving a life instead of taking one.

Katie, the sister that Sarah wants to be protected at all costs, is in a new kind of danger.

Don't miss this new, longer look into the world of the Vampire's Warden, Sarah, as she confronts old enemies, new friends and new lovers.

This book is 35,376 words long. It is a novella.


The Vampire's Curse is the 2nd book in the Undead in Brown County series (for my review of the first book, click HERE). I really enjoyed the first installment, and was looking forward to reading this one. It was even better! The first book was more about Sarah coming to terms with the fact that vampires existed, and that she was a vampire warden. In this book, Sarah was able to explore relationships which brought some romance to the story.

I have really enjoyed the love triangle. In the first book, I was leaning more toward Alex. In this book, I had trouble deciding for awhile. In the beginning of this book, there was some spark between Sarah and Michael that made me think that Michael was the guy to root for. Then, it went back to Alex. Then, to Michael again... I think love triangles are more interesting when there isn't a clear cut answer in who the girl should choose.

I really liked how there were chapters told from Michael's point of view. It's always nice to know what the other person is thinking and feeling. He definitely grew on me in this book. Sarah dealt with a lot of emotions in this story, such as feeling inadequate, guilt, uncertainty... On the other side – Sarah experienced love and passion so it wasn't all bad. Some of the scenes were quite steamy actually. I'd have to say that I, I mean, Sarah enjoyed that quite a bit!

There were some things going on in this book that caused me to be confused. I don't know if that was done intentionally and that things will be explained in the next installment, or if I was just slow at putting the pieces together. There was definitely some mystery involved in the story though, as well as some new faces. I was glued to the story the whole way through – it kept me interested. The ending left me hanging though, and I'm dying to read what happens next!

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