Thursday, April 7, 2011

Review: Shepherds (King's X: Episode 3)


As the stories of two lifetimes converge, the two Shepherds begin to close in.

A great sacrifice keeps Broussard, Khali and Captain Shahin only one step ahead as they struggle to cross the Sinai.

While intrigue and unfathomable betrayal catch Molly and Detective Book in a fatal snare.

"Shepherds" is the 3rd of 4 episodes in the Crusades era story arc. Here is the final lead up to the explosive conclusion, when all questions will be answered in King's X Episode 4: "Thieves"


Episode 3 picks up from the end of episode 2. I like how these episodes smoothly pick up where the last left off, like it's a new chapter instead of a new book. The action, adventure, and mystery continue with this installment. This episode definitely keeps you on your toes - when you think you've figured it out, there comes a twist that keeps you guessing. A lot of things come to light in this episode that force you to look at different angles in the storyline, and keeps you wondering who's who. I have to admit, that a lot of the books I read don't require that much intellectual thinking. I normally choose books that are a fun, light read that you can just relax and get lost in. These books really make you think, which is a nice change of pace sometimes. When this episode ends, I am left feeling pretty confused - but that just makes me look forward to the next (and last) episode in this series that much more. I'm really excited to know how this story concludes.

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