Friday, July 22, 2011

Menage a Blog - Final Flirt and Giveaway!

This is round 2 of the Menage a Blog event - and author Lacey Weatherford had made it to the second round! I'm really excited for her and I want to help her out!! We want her to win, right??? You all have gone to her blog and gotten your FREE copy of The Trouble With Spells, right??? If not, you're not too late! Well, what I'm going to do is give one lucky winner an ecopy of the second book in the series, The Demon Kiss!

What do you need to do? Leave a comment on Lacey Weatherford's blog post HERE, and tell her about your most memorable kiss! And, comment here with your email address if you want to be entered to win The Demon Kiss! Lacey has an awesome Grand Prize gift basket up for grabs so don't forget to head over there!!! Also, every comment left on Lacey's blog will be in a drawing for a Kindle!


  1. Thanks for the menage blog! This is so much fun!!!!

  2. Im glad I check blogger frequently I was just at Laceys blog,,and then I read some reviews ont he books,,they sound great so I just got the 1st book,,so I would love to have the 2nd book.
    thanks for the giveaway..


    westtexasjen at gmail dot com

  3. I just posted on Lacey's blog again:)

    Got book 1 already:)

    Trying for book 2
    earthsbooknook at gmail dot com

  4. I followed the menage blog too late to help Lacey get to round 2 but I did comment to help her win round 2. I haven't received book1 in my inbox yet but would love to have book2 to accompany it once it does arrive. Thanks for the giveaway!

    mr.boardgame AT yahoo DOT com

  5. Loving the blog hopping :D its been crazy with work but I've still tried to make most of them *grins*

    swtlilangel4jc at yahoo dot com

    already commented a few times on Laceys blog :D wonder who will win? :o♠

  6. Menage a Blog was sooo much fun!! Really enjoyed it. And Lacey's book ROCK!!

  7. I posted on Lacey's blog :)

  8. Posted on Lacey's blog and have book 1! Thanks for the chance to read book 2 also!

  9. This has been a wild ride following the Menage Blog. And being sick on top of it.

    The most memorable kiss is when, me and my boyfriend at the time decided to take a break at the time from seeing each other. We went a full two weeks without talking to each other or speaking to each other. Wayne called and said he couldn't go another day without seeing me and he wanted to take me to dinner. Of course I went.
    We were driving to the restaurant and had to stop at a red light and he was looking at me and grabbed me and said I miss you and kissed me like a man who was dieing of thirst. We forgot about everything around us. I never thought the kiss would end until the car behind us started laying on the horn because the light had changed to green.
    It was if time stood still for us both. We were together for three years after that.

    Teresa K.

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