Monday, July 11, 2011

Review: Siren Song

Title: Siren Song
Author: Stephanie Draven
Source: Received from author in exchange for an honest review

When Chloe Karras sings, she knows that no one can resist her sensual allure—except for the sexy naval officer seemingly immune to her voice. But Captain Alex Shore is just the man she wants to take home after her performance—until he tells her what she thought were imagined powers are real...and dangerous.

Alexandros knows firsthand how seductive sirens are, as well as their potential to destroy. Yet the former sea soldier feels a powerful attraction to the beautiful rock singer that goes beyond her spell. Can he banish Chloe from the town he's vowed to protect—or will he be drawn into the siren's bed?


Siren Song is a novella about a rock star named Chloe. She knows that she seems to have some sort of power – when she sings, men are willing to do anything for her. She just doesn't know that she's a siren until a man named Alexandros comes along. He is the only man that doesn't fall under her spell. He gets the wrong impression of Chloe, and tries to get her to leave town.

I really wasn't a fan of either of these characters at first. Chloe just seemed a little stuck on herself. She would prance around on stage acting sexy and knew men couldn't resist her. Alexandros was a controlling jerk at first, acting like he had a right to make Chloe leave town. They both had a lot of back story though that sort of explained their behaviors. The more time they spent together, the more they softened toward each other.

I really came to like these characters, but I personally didn't feel that much of a connection. I can't really explain why – maybe because the story was short so it sort of felt rushed. I liked the plot of the story though, it was different from others I have read. I also liked how the story kept moving – there were no slow parts, or parts with a lot of unnecessary information. The story involved a murder mystery, and there was an interesting twist toward the end. I recommend this to adult paranormal fans that are looking for a quick read.

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