Monday, July 18, 2011

Review: Demonspawn by Glenn Bullion

Title: Demonspawn
Author: Glenn Bullion
Source: Received from author in exchange for an honest review


Alex Teague tried to live a normal life. He was a normal high school senior . . . until he talked to his first ghost, exorcised his first demon, and cleansed his first haunted house.

If only it ended there.

Now a young man in his twenties, Alex makes a horrifying discovery.

He is part demon. And the supernatural world won't leave him alone.


I was pleasantly surprised by Demonspawn. It's about a guy named Alex who, after many years, realizes that he is part demon. Not only does he have to deal with all these changes that keep happening to him, he also tries to deal with his feelings for his best friend Cindy. The story starts out with Alex and Cindy meeting in elementary school, and takes them throughout high school to adulthood. I liked seeing these two grow up together, and the many instances that resulted in sexual tension. I also liked the fact that Alex's younger sister Alicia grew up with them and they had a close friendship. This trio was fun to read about, and these characters were all very likeable.

I haven't read many books from a male's point of view, so that was one of the things that made this book interesting to me. I'll have to admit, that I had the wrong impression of this book. After seeing the cover, and knowing that it was written by a male – about a male – I was expecting a “man” book. I know that is awful of me to say, but I was expecting lots of blood, gore, violence, etc... I will admit that I was completely wrong. There was a large amount of female interaction in this book, including a nice romance.

The plot was unique and intriguing, the characters were well developed, and the pacing was great. I would recommend this book to a variety of adult audiences. It has a lot of different elements to it, including paranormal, romance, friendship, horror, and mystery. The book had a well rounded ending, but it sounds like another book could follow.

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