Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Review: Spiderwork (and free ebook)


Her fate was to hold the world together. His destiny was to tear it apart.

As a child, Durga was chosen by the goddess to save the world from sterility and extinction. Now her eighteenth birthday approaches, and Durga must take her place among the chalices -- women made fertile by the goddess to ensure more souls for the universe. Durga's mission does not include love ... but Khai, the scion of Luxor, is unlike any man she's ever met.

Char Meadowlark once played a role in the goddess's plans. Now her lover, Jake Ardri, heads an emerging city-state whose enemies covet everything Jake has built. As Jake navigates the uneasy waters of political intrigue, his very existence is threatened. To save him, Char must share him with a chalice ... one trained to take him to the heights of sexual ecstasy.

In flagrante apocalypto: When the veil drops between life and oblivion, only love can save them from the abyss.


Spiderwork is the 2nd book in the Apocalypto series. I think the cover is beautiful and is perfect for the storyline. This book is a novella like the first, but I think this one is more fantasy where the first was more science-fiction oriented. In this story, the world is trying to rebuild and start fresh. Not only are they rebuilding towns, they are trying to rebuild the population.

I really liked Jake and Char from the first book, and was glad to see that they had a large part in this book as well. This book is centered mostly around Durga though. Durga is the chosen one – it is her mission to save the world from extinction. She is basically in charge of the chalices – the women who are fertile and must get pregnant by various men to help restore the population. As Durga turns 18, it is her turn to become a chalice.

There are a lot of interesting things going on here. The author delves deeper into the topic of souls – which is intriguing and confusing at the same time. I would have like to see more of Durga and Khai. It was a bittersweet romance. The writing, plot, and characters are all wonderful. For whatever reason, I just didn't fully connect with the book which is mainly what is keeping me from giving it 4 stars. I have read Bleeder prior to writing this review. If you read Space Junque, and are debating on continuing with the series – I would recommend it!

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  1. wow that cover is just so beautiful!! I'm not a fantasy fan but this sounds pretty interesting. Thanks for the review =]

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