Friday, July 1, 2011

A couple updates on me - and a giveaway!

I have started a new venture - designing book covers! I would love for you all to follow my other blog - Paragraphic Designs:

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Now for my second venture. I'm doing these things so I can hopefully continue to be a stay at home mom. Anyway, I now have a column on - Kansas City edition. I will be posting many of my reviews there (as well as here). I get paid by the number of page clicks.
This is my Examiner column HERE

I have made a facebook fan page so I can post when I have new examiner postings up. I would LOVE for you all to become a fan. When I post a new article on my column, I will let you know via my facebook fan page. Then, if you would click the link to the column article to open it, I would appreciate it greatly! You don't even have to read it, lol... Just take a second to open it!
My Examiner fan page is HERE

Comment here if you "like" my Examiner fan page, and I will enter you in a drawing for 2 Vampire Beach books by Alex Duval (sorry, I can only ship these to U.S. locations).

Book 1 contains Bloodlust and Initiation:

Bloodlust -- Jason Freeman is stoked when his family relocates to exclusive DeVere Heights, Malibu. The in-crowd at his posh new high school is surprisingly friendly -- soon Jason's hitting all the best parties. He even meets the token hot-but-unattainable girl. Determined to enjoy his almost postcard-perfect new life, Jason tries hard to ignore the many strange things going down in DeVere Heights. But then a girl washes up dead the morning after one off-the-hook party -- and with no explanation but a suspicious-looking bite mark. Now Jason has to admit that what you don't want to know can hurt you.

Initiation -- Jason Freeman is getting the hang of DeVere Heights. Then life from his flyover past pays an unexpected visit in the form of his old friend Tyler. Jason's surprised -- but psyched to see a familiar face. Having his friend around turns our to be a downer -- especially when Jason realizes that Tyler is running from some kind of crisis. But Tyler isn't in on DeVere Heights's little secret. Now instead of escaping his problem, he's about to put himself in mortal danger. Literally.

Book 2 Contains Ritual and Legacy

Ritual --
Jason Freeman has gotten used to the fact that beneath its glamorous surface, DeVere Heights is full of unexpected secrets. And vampires. Then just when he thinks he's golden, he's attacked. With a crossbow. At first the attention Jason gets from his crush, Sienna, makes the wound almost worthwhile -- especially after she breaks up with Brad. But the crossbow-wielding lunatic isn't finished, and his next victim is found dead with a bolt through the heart. As tensions rise at DeVere High, suspicions about the attacker point to pretty much anyone. There's something cold and hard in Brad's eyes-the look of a killer? Nah....

Legacy -- Life couldn't be better for Jason Freeman. He knows all about the vampires in DeVere Heights; he'd almost been killed because of them -- twice. But Jason is over all that. The end of senior year is approaching, and he's totally, insanely in love with Sienna Devereux, the most jolie vampire of them all. While Sienna's parents are dead-set against the relationship, Aunt Bianca offers Jason a proposition he can't resist: If he transforms into a vampire -- like Aunt Bianca did -- he will inherit her wealth, her estate, and her power: her legacy. And Jason is free to be with Sienna -- forever. There are big decisions for Jason and Sienna to make -- decisions that could change their lives. And Jason would die to be with Sienna....


  1. Girl, all of this is so wonderful! You should (and are I am sure!) be so proud of these accomplishments...I look forward to following you along the way :) Old follower on the blog, but NEW FOLLOWER ON THE FACEBOOK PAGE!


  2. Wow that sounds amazing and I love the covers you show on your site! Good luck and lot's of success!!

  3. I have to support a stay at home mom. Best of luck on the designs.

  4. Good luck! :) & thanks for the Giveaway, I have part of the Vampire Beach series but not the first ones, and I can't read out of order, so they just kinda sit there, mocking me haha. Oh, and I did like your page.

  5. Good luck girl! I liked your FB page via Lauren Wilkerson.

    misslaurenwilk at gmail dot com