Saturday, March 26, 2011

Review: Dragon Blues by Edie Ramer


Once a dragon…
Saxophone player Noah Long shifted from dragon to human 2500 years ago, but the dragon blood still coursing through his veins has kept him healthy and virile. Now his secret is out, and the man who discovered it will do anything to make Noah’s blood his own. Noah’s only ally is martial arts expert Lila Fox, who heats up the fire in his belly…and his heart.

Twice a killer…
Lila Fox’s first kill was at age sixteen after her stepfather put her mother in a wheelchair. Fourteen years later, she kills another abuser to save a woman’s life. When the man who wants Noah’s blood kills her sister, she can’t let the death go unanswered. She teams up with the strangely compelling Noah, and discovers he’s not all man and has a few tricks of his own.


I give Dragon Blues 3 stars. If I went by half stars, it would probably be 3.5 - but I like to stick with the Goodreads rating system. I really liked the character of Noah. I felt bad for him - for living the life of lonliness that he does. I found myself really wanting something good to happen for him. I didn't like Lila quite as much. She's bull-headed and kind of got on my nerves, but I can see why she is the way she is. I found it a little hard to believe that she could kill men with her bare hands. Listen to me, the book is about a man who is part dragon and I'm talking about how far-fetched it is for a human woman to kill men with her bare hands! That's when you know you live in a paranormal world - when the paranormal stuff doesn't seem odd to you! Anyway,
I liked Edie Ramer's writing and the story is original. I liked how the main characters aren't the typical, super model types. The way Noah is described physically, you wouldn't think of him as particularly handsome. His personality makes him handsome though. Noah and Lila have good chemistry - I found it frustrating that it took so long for them to get together. There were some steamy scenes. They weren't over-the-top graphic like some of the books I've read, but I'd still recommend this book for the 18+ crowd.

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  1. Thanks for the review! I'm glad you liked Noah, even though he isn't the typical 8-pack belly type of guy. I based him on Leonard Nimoy's Spock from the original Star Trek shows.

    As for my heroine, you're right, she is bullheaded. I suppose that could be annoying. I'm married to a guy who's bullheaded, so I should know. He probably says the same thing about me.

    My heroine could definitely have killed a man the way I used it in the book. A friend (who's only 5'3 and slender) has a 4th degree black belt in karate. I've seen her do a couple of demonstrations, and she showed how it could be done. She looked over my scenes where my heroine used her martial arts skills. You can see a thread about this here.